It’s apt for ASOY to call his new E.P ‘Anayen’, meaning ‘Rebirth’ in Greek… This is the Cypriot artist’s return to the scene after a handful of experimental releases since 2016 and a period away from production. His return is marked by this stunning new two-tracker.

As an already seasoned producer and globetrotting DJ, ASOY returns with a flurry of fresh, new and innovative underground electronic music for 23/24. Pushing his great production philosophy of ‘less is more’ in reaction to what he calls the dominance of ‘CO2’ music, he puts forward the notion that a DJ does not have to fill their sets with those predictable intense build-ups, crescendos and drops but instead, as an alternative, can weave emotive, sophisticated and rolling beats together that build organically.

Here he delivers the first of his new music containing:

‘Off the Runway with Riki Inocente’ a pure driving, authentic, instrumental house cut, with a retro 90s feel, filled with sharp metallic synths and bursting with swing — heavily influenced by the classic timeless sounds and stabs from early Mood II Swing records. It was co-produced by London based artist Riki Inocente and is an ode to some of the B-side numbers you would unearth in those vinyl crates digging away that maybe went under the radar at first but were discovered over time, and became classics in their own right.

‘Chasershade’ is a fierce and effective dancefloor DJ tool — it’s deep, driving, dark house music, designed for that peak-time flow and full of chemical energy. Heavy bass and low-end prevail with the hypnotic acapella plucked from an excerpt by David Mancuso of NYC Loft parties fame.

This is the first of many releases slated for this artist who has already released on KMS Records, Eyetone, SecretMusic and Techfui and has had support from DJs including Laurent Garnier, Anthony Parasole and Massimiliano Pagliara.

Anayen E.P.

Release Date : October 4, 2023
Artist : ASOY
Format : Jack Said What
Catalog ref. : JSW026