Jon’s first ever release was with Wall Of Sound in 1994, and he returned to the maverick label in 1999 for a release on their house offshoot Nu Camp under the name Junior Cartier, which coincided with a run of memorable DJ sets with the Heavenly and Wall Of Sound crews. He successfully swerved the big beat backlash by further embracing house and techno, and by the early noughties was cemented as one of the most forward-thinking, party-rocking DJs touring the planet.

Business took him away from the DJ booth, and in late 2014 he set up a country retreat venue just outside of London.

Jon poured his heart and soul into New House Farm for several years, but in recent months has been pulled back towards the dancefloor. He’s regained his chops by taking a few low-key DJ gigs, returned to playing to large crowds at Glastonbury Festival, and has now got back into production.

The first fruits of his labours is the amazing ‘Mighty Horses’ featuring Betty Steeles.

Watch the ride. There’s a lot more to come in act 3.

Mighty Horses

Release Date : October 5, 2022
Artist : Jon Carter
Format : Jack Said What
Catalog ref. : JSW011