Serge Santiago knows no limits. For him there are no-no, no-no-no-no, no-no-no-no, no-no, there are no limits.

And when it comes to modern disco, Serge has really nailed his liquid neon sound now. ‘Limit’ doesn’t hold back with da funk, pumping it up and rocking the bass before a goofy voice interjects: “What the hell is going on here?” And then a slightly petrifying scream is introduced to punctuate the night sky. Yo! You really need to check this one out.

‘Limit’ was such a spooky hit at the Stompa Phunk Halloween party on Brighton Pier recently that Serge literally transmogrified into a bona fide ghost!

The last couple of Serge releases on Jack Said What have been supported by Danny Howard, Sarah Story and Arielle Free from BBC Radio 1, plus a plethora of club spinners such as DJ Paulette, Meduza, Sam Divine, Horse Meat Disco, Just Her, Sasha and more.

‘Limit’ looks set to take this support to the next level. Get involved.


Release Date : February 7, 2024
Artist : Serge Santiago
Format : Jack Said What
Catalog ref. : JSW030