ASOY returns for his third EP on Jack Said What, showcasing the imaginative variety evident in his sound palette. ‘Metaxy Mas’ means ‘between us’ in Greek (‘Μεταξύ μας’) and completes his trilogy of ASOY releases for Jack Said What.

‘D Drive’ takes a little time to build up a head of steam before the beats start bouncing and the b-line wiggling. A certifiable chugger that bubbles along like a kettle coming to the boil, it levels out into widescreen psychedelic expansion for its protracted breakdown before dropping back into its chuggy, steamy, piston-like groove once more.

‘One Shot’ is where ASOY takes things a bit snooker loopy. A jazzual bassline and shuffly beats are overlain with bits of snooker commentary, an occasional mischievous cackle, and — most distinctive of all — the sound of a ball being expertly potted on the green baize. Clack! Its playful nature marks it out as being from the weirdbeat world, and is sure to find favour amongst those who like to drop a tune that appeals as much to the head as it does to the hips.

‘One Shot’ was made on a visit to the Lost Orchestra studio boat in Amsterdam belonging to pals Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock. It was made on the last of a seven-day stint as a break from the norm, something a bit different — it’s quirky nature bears that out.

Metaxy Mas EP

Release Date : March 27, 2024
Artist : ASOY
Format : Jack Said What
Catalog ref. : JSW034