Scott’s first single release, ‘The End’, is a journeying, organic house track with a latent Celtic feel — Scott drawing on his family roots to eek cinematic sounds out of his guitar set-up that no synth plug-in can duplicate. The track comes with a remix by highly acclaimed Belfast DJ/producer Richie Blacker, who twists ‘The End’ into new breakbeat shapes in his inimitable post-rave style.

“‘The End’ is an electronic track made entirely with an acoustic guitar,” Scott says. “Everything from the percussion to the bass, to the synthy soundscapes were once the sound of an acoustic guitar being played (or hit) and has been warped and twisted into abstraction using a series of pedals and audio effects units. Even the vocal sounds on the track were sung through the soundhole of the guitar.”

“The goal was to create a new sound in electronic music that feels alive and organic, merging Balearic/percussive guitar playing, my ancestral celtic roots, and the big dancefloor sound of techno and melodic house music.”

For Scott Booth, ‘The End’ is only the beginning.

“The ideas and experimentations for this track came together whilst travelling the British coastlines in my mobile recording studio campervan. The ever-changing landscape served as the perfect inspiration. I then brought the ideas to The Bunker Recording Studio where the legendary Steve Mac (Rhythm Masters) brought his immense production and mixing mastery to the music.”

The End

Release Date : July 13, 2022
Artist : Scott Booth
Format : Jack Said What
Catalog ref. : JSW002