“Music is the celebration of life. Without music we have no meaning, no joy…”

Surging ahead with his next dynamite single on Jack Said What, Serge Santiago is unstoppable at the minute. His ’11:11’ album was rammed with 4/4 dancefloor bangers, and he’s already well on the way to album number two.

‘Take Me Away’ is another fine house tune to add to Serge’s solo cannon. “Music is the basis of all life…” says a deep commanding voice, extolling the wonders of music at judicious points throughout the track. Swung beats, a tinkling bell and funky percussion provide the bedrock to another hugely playable, chuggy house music missive from Serge.

Take Me Away

Release Date : September 27, 2023
Artist : Serge Santiago
Format : Jack Said What
Catalog ref. : JSW025