‘You Got Me’ is the track everyone knows, except they haven’t even heard it yet. It’s a much-needed injection of positivity. It’s for hugging your besties on the dancefloor. It’s looking out for your pals. Its tops-off cuddles down the front. It’s jumping up and down and laughing. It’s about community. It’s for making sure your crew are all ok.

‘You Got Me’ oozes goodtime summer vibes. Think: French touch. Think: Bangalter. Think: DJ Koze. Think: Glitterbox. Think: glamour. Think: inclusivity. Think: confetti. Think: Alan Braxe & Fred Falke. Think: you are amazing.

‘You Got Me’ is the serotonin rush that you need in your life. ‘You Got Me’ is love. ‘You Got Me’ is life. ‘You Got Me’ is the sound of summer.

If you give people a chance, we can be amazing.

Random acts of kindness make us who we are.

Those knock-on effects can last forever.

When we work together, it makes everything better.

Remember, we’ve got you. Because You Got Me.

You Got Me

Release Date : August 10, 2022
Artist : Serge Santiago
Format : Jack Said What
Catalog ref. : JSW005