Steve Mac has been on fire in recent times. After spending time tweaking his hardware-packed studio, The Bunker, in order to give tracks supreme clarity of sound, he’s been creating a wealth of new music, as well as mixing down tracks by other artists on Jack Said What.

Steve released his ‘Bless This Acid House’ album in April 2023, an acclaimed opus that includes collabs with Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson and others. From the slamming techno of ‘The 313’ to soulful house single ‘One Day’ with Robert Owens, which was rightly immediately acclaimed as a classic, the album received rave reviews across the board.

Irvine Welsh, the Trainspotting author whose Crime series is all over the TV, has been a regular visitor to Steve’s south coast studio these last few years. The pair have collaborated on Trainspotting: The Musical, which should surface sometime in 2024/25 — but that’s another story.

‘Acid House Guys’ is a gurgly acid beast that nods to the acid house roots of both of these creative powerhouses. Part-autobiographical and part-tongue in cheek, it was meant to feature on Steve’s album earlier this year, but Irvine — co-owner of the Jack Said What label — was unbelievably busy with various other projects. The hook-up finally occurred to finish recording the track, and ‘Acid House Guys’ is the result.

If you’re a fan of the 303, you need to check this one out.

Acid House Guys

Release Date : September 20, 2023
Artist : Steve Mac
Format : Jack Said What
Catalog ref. : JSW024