The first single taken from Tom’s album is ‘The Heathers’, a stunning cut of psychedelic, beat-driven electronica. Initially built around the insistent hook of an arpeggiated bell refrain, it evokes shades of beatific 90s electronica and ravey euphoria, falling somewhere between the filtered French touch of Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon, early 90s trance, synth-laden post-punk and the more breakbeat-heavy end of the Future Sound Of London’s oeuvre.

‘The Heathers’ is the perfect taster for Tom’s forthcoming ‘Absolute Melt’ album campaign. The album itself is rich in agrarian textures, organic soul, evocative beatscapes, and 420 flavours, with a nod to the breakbeat hardcore of his roots.

The Heathers

Release Date : September 13, 2023
Artist : Evl Tom
Format : Out Yer Box
Catalog ref. : OYB004