“Battleground is a kind of intimate look at the personal battles we face within ourselves. I worked alongside Christian Cooley on this track, together, we sought to capture the push and pull of self-perception and creativity that so many of us experience. It’s all about recognising the noise – the outer influences that cloud our judgement and the inner turmoil that sometimes gets the best of us – trying to navigate through it all with honesty and acceptance.” Scott Booth

Scott Booth, a rising artist and musician renowned for his mesmerising acoustic guitar virtuosity and enthralling live performances, releases the third single from his ‘Atavistic’ album project entitled ‘Battleground’.

‘Battleground’ like all of Scott’s unique releases was created almost entirely by utilising the wide and diverse sounds created from an acoustic guitar, artfully combining strumming and finger-picking techniques, generating percussion reminiscent of a Tabla drum, and employing an array of pedals to unlock dynamic effects.

Here with ‘Battleground’ the heartbeat of the piece is in the rhythmic percussive beat created using the body of an acoustic guitar. It’s not a track about showcasing technical prowess, it’s about using the instrument to tell a narrative and create an expansive, almost ethereal soundscape. It’s a bit darker, a touch moodier offering from the album, a more melancholic, reflective pause in the overall journey.

In addition to Scott UK the release features UK producer Steve Mac’s masterful mixing bringing life to the sound, and Christian Cooley, a Brighton-based vocalist and soul artist added beautiful layers through his voice and song writing creating an experience that is both expansive and impactful.

His live performances are not the only testament to Scott’s talent. Numerous videos featuring his intricate tribal guitar percussion have gone viral online, amassing over a million views on a single video and solidifying his position as a trailblazing musician pushing the boundaries of his instrument.


Release Date : June 7, 2023
Artist : Scott Booth
Format : Out Yer Box
Catalog ref. : OYB003