Third Bloom has had an interesting life. He caught the music bug at a young age, and was turned onto the likes of Gil Scott Heron, Donald Byrd and acid jazz artists by friends in the early 90s. He then got immersed in drum & bass, and a lost weekend in Amsterdam ended up lasting over a decade as Third Bloom dumped his return ticket and submerged himself in the fast invading club culture of the time.

After a decade of heady decadence in the ‘Dam, the mind still willing but the body having a stern word, Third Bloom returned to Blighty and settled in Brighton. He’d always wanted to move from punter to creator, and as he delved into music production the music started pouring out of him.

His debut album ‘Echoes’ signals the third stage of his life’s journey, where instead of simply absorbing music, he now sculpts it. Hence his artist name — Third Bloom. ’Echoes’ boasts a wealth of trip-hop, ambient, dubstep and junglist influences, refracted through a prism of classical-influenced electronica. His cinematic experiments have borne rich fruit. For someone comparatively new to the music production game, Third Bloom has crafted an astonishing album that belies his practical experience.

What ‘Echoes’ involves is traces of years of music growth blossoming into new shapes. Memories of assorted electronic music styles sprouting into new formations. The cinematica involved here is breathtaking: you’ll want to play ‘Echoes’ not just once but again and again and again. It’s bloomin’ marvellous!


Release Date : June 16, 2023
Artist : Third Bloom
Format : Out Yer Box
Catalog ref. : OYBAL001